6 MIL Dura Skrim* Retarder

  • Consists of two sheets of high strength polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene with diamond reinforced skrim (in between sheets).
  • White on one side and black on the other. Excellent for moisture and radon remediation.
  • Recommended application is to be use Eternabond Double Stick Adhesive for crawlspace walls. Alternatively, a combo of butyl sealant and retarder buttons can be applied. (Eternabond, which is more expensive per linear foot, is a much faster method that will reduce labor significantly. The butyl/button method is a more efficent application, but is time consuming and can be messy.
  • Available in multiple thicknesses and dimensions.
  • PLEASE SEE: "NEW" EARTH LINER-Which is recommended for use with all plastic retarders that are applied directly to crawlspace floor. This new product will promote air flow under the plastic as well as prevent it from sticking to ground (which will deter air flow).
  • NOTE: 24' X 100' rolls are not stocked at Colorado warehouse, and must ship from Indiana.
  • Click Here for MSDS information