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RCI was established in 1987 to furnish quality products to Radon Mitigators at wholesale prices. Radon Control carries a wide variety of quality products for radon reduction systems, including brand names like Fantech and Radonaway fans as well as unique proprietary products.
RCI is pleased to speak directly with our customers by phone where you will always hear a real person (during normal business hours) to assist with your order, customer support or any other business matter.
RCI has always taken pride in our ability to fulfill orders correctly and in a timely manner, and we hope this site will only add to your experience in working with us. If your order is received before 3:00PM EST, it will be shipped the same day without hidden handling cost. We continue to ship all products via UPS using their current published shipping rates.

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NEHA: http://www.radongas.org
AARST: http://www.aarst.com
NRSB: http://www.nrsb.org
EPA: http://www.epa.gov/radon/

*RCI is a member of the industry association AARST.

Crawlspace Supply International

CSI (a subsidiary of RCI) was established in 2006 to provide specialized Crawlspace Moisture Management/Encapsulation products.

Research in the "Science" of crawlspaces has revealed that the traditional method of venting the area to reduce moisture and mold growth was actually the very cause of much of the moisture and mold.

Encapsulation (or Closing) of the crawlspace using plastic vapor retarders and other components has emerged as the most effective method of eliminating this moisture.

With over 26 million homes in the U.S. built on crawlspaces and roughly 250,000 being built each year, the need for contractors to provide this service is on the rise. Several large franchises, with locations all over the country, have emerged due to the calling for the service. They offer a viable service to their clients by eliminating the moisture that causes wood rot, mold growth, and a breeding ground for wood destroying insects. In addition, homeowners benefit from decreased energy bills* and increased air quality**.

CSI's goal is to provide independent contractors the products needed for the encapsulation application that will adapt these vented crawlspaces into clean, efficient, dry, safe areas of the home. To learn more about the process, please see below or call Dave Weaver at 1-800-523-2084.

CSI is a wholsaler/distributer and strictly sells to contractors who perform this nature of work. At this time, we do not sell to the general public.

For more information on Closed Crawlspaces, please follow the link below for the studies and research of ADVANCED ENERGY www.crawlspaces.org
This link will lead you to their page dedicated to Closed Crawlspaces, which includes comprehensive guides to perform the work, useful articles published in support of the process, videos of actual crawlspaces in need of and with the process applied, and other extremely effective research data collected by their scientists. CSI apprecaites all their work and for providing the specifics of how the process works and it's benefits.

*Crawlspace Encapsulation can decrease energy bills by reducing the amount of the home that is "conditioned". When crawlspaces are vented (have outside air moving directly in) in the summer months, it causes the air conditioning to work harder to keep the living space cool, (and the opposite occurs in the winter). An energy discount is the result.

**Crawlspace Encapsulation reduces the amount of allergens in the living space of a home by eliminating the damp, often dirty, moldy environment that usually exists in vented crawlspaces. By eliminating those conditions, the air in the home is cleaner and healthier. (Research has proven that people with respiratory issues can benefit greatly from the application)

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An Important Message from RCI/CSI:

It is extremely important that homeowners are aware of the dangers of Radon gas in their homes, and that all components of Radon mitigation systems and radon fans should be installed by a professional and in a manner that is consistent with all State and Local ordinances.

*Each State has varying guidelines and licensing laws in regards to Radon mitigation. Click Here- for access to an interactive map of the U.S. Choose your State for that provides information specifically for your State.